Talk to Me in SPANISH

Join "El Grupo Epico" and be part of a fun and supportive community that takes part in different social activities.

Come and interact with other fellow Spanish learners while eating at local restaurants and having fun at potlucks.

Practice your Spanish and learn more about the Latin culture by visiting museums, art exhibitions and many other cultural events. 

Meet great people and create long-lasting friendships, and learn easier and faster with the help and support of others.

Join us for movie nights and Spanish-English exchanges.

You don't have to learn Spanish by yourself.

Join now!

Collaboration Aids Leaning. All good learning has a social base. We often learn more by interaction with peers than we learn by any other means... A genuine learning community is always better for learning than a collection of isolated individuals. 

We are also working other companies as

Los Angeles Home Health Care

-Dave Meier

Founder of The Center for Accelerated Learning.