Classes In Spanish

Learning a new language can be challenging when you are only taught a few vocabulary words here and there, or you read and do practice exercises during the entire class. One of the best and most practical ways of learning Spanish is by taking classes in Spanish that are taught in Spanish.

Step one is having the instructor teach the class in Spanish. This allows you to hear different vocabulary words so you can begin learning how to pronounce them. Step two is learning to use these words in a sentence. These first two steps are the most crucial when learning Spanish.

If you are debating taking classes in Spanish, make sure to seek a school or tutor that will help you practice speaking Spanish as quickly as possible. At Talk To Me In Spanish, our group, private, and children’s classes are all taught in Spanish to get students comfortable with practicing the language.

Group Classes

Our group classes help Spanish speakers of every level develop the basic skills they need to begin practicing Spanish with their peers. Classes are taught in Spanish (immersive) and then students are given the opportunity to practice using vocabulary words in simple conversations.

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Spanish for Kids/Teens

If you have ever contemplated teaching your children Spanish, the best time to learn is when they are young. Children are like sponges, they are often eager and ready to learn Spanish. Teens are also great pupils because unlike adults, teens spend most of their day in a classroom learning environment.

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Private Lessons

Talk To Me In Spanish offers private classes for children, teens, and adults. These classes are a better fit for someone looking for one-on-one attention. For those not comfortable learning in a group environment, a private lesson is best for new students or those wishing to brush up on their skills.

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