My Daughter Has Learnt over and Above: "Jose has tutored my daughter (9 grade) for the last three months. I needed someone who could fit in with our hectic lifestyle and I found Jose very accommodating, punctual and reliable.  Jose was very aware of what was needed and was prepared in advance for lessons especially if there was anything in particular my daughter wanted to focus on. My daughter has learnt over and above what she was doing in school, thanks to Jose and is much more confident in speaking, writing and understanding Spanish. I would recommend Jose in a heartbeat.


Valley Village 

​​He Keeps Me Engaged and Motivated: "Jose is very knowledgeable of both the English and Spanish languages.  Jose explains concepts thoroughly and explains the reasoning behind things, which helps me grasp the material. He tailors the lessons to fit my needs and lifestyle. Jose’s sessions are dynamic and filled with various different activities. He keeps me engaged and motivated to continue with my goal of becoming fluent in Spanish. Jose provides several resources and is a great reference for accessing other things to help you practice your skills such as books, cd’s, community groups, etc. Jose is a very encouraging and motivating teacher who truly focuses on the strengths and accomplishments of the student. I would 100% recommend Jose as a tutor."

Lauren M.
Santa Clarita 

A Very Creative and Stimulating Style: "I met Jose two years ago in the Epic Group, and realized that he was a very special teacher He helps us in a very creative and exciting style that makes learning Spanish fun Him..He is very intelligent and very patient. I was impressed by his teaching techniques that now I take private lessons with him.

I use Spanish in my work, when I travel, and in my daily life. As a result of studying with Joseph I speak Spanish much better and with more confidence. 

I recommended Jose to a family that has a child who wanted to learn Spanish to be accepted in a bilingual program at a school in Culver City. The boy won a place at that school in large part thanks to Jose’s help. Because all this, I recommend Jose over all other instructors. "

Andrea McNichol

Forensic Handwriting & Document Expert


You Will Learn a Lot: "Great teacher. Warm, helpful and extremely organized. You will learn a lot."


Studio City, CA

He Has Gone Through It: "What first struck me about Jose is how personable he is. He makes friends easily. He is really excellent when speaking both Spanish and English. 

I have benefited twice from his class. First, my Spanish is improving. But beyond that, the techniques he uses can also be used in my English class. So why is Jose so successful? Yes, he’s a smart guy with a nice personality and a good sense of humor. But I really think the secret to his success is empathy for language learners. He has gone through it as an adult and knows what it’s like. He transfers this feeling as I try to do with my ESL students. If the reader is considering some lessons with him, give it a try for a few times to see if you like him as much as I do."

​Bob Lapin (aka Roberto) 

Burbank, CA

He Wants All Students to Have Fun: "I have known José for several years and participated in many of his Spanish-speaking practice groups.  He has a special energy for teaching that few people have.  He wants all students to have fun while learning, which makes his teaching style even more effective.  He addresses the individual strengths and weaknesses of students while encouraging them all.  I have nothing but good things to say about him as a teacher and as a person." 

​Will S.

​Los Angeles

I Highly Recommend Him: "Jose Estrada is a talented teacher who truly thrives to understand student's needs and is fully engaged in customizing lesson plans for an individual. My son was only 4 when he started working with Jose. 

For half a year, we took lessons with Jose and I saw my son transforming from recognizing colors and numbers to conversing in full sentences. Jose was engaging, animated, mixing up high level of instruction with fun activities.I highly recommend him as he is truly a highly professional and talented teacher, and just a very nice human being."

D. Rodriguez
(Mom of a 5 year old)

Update: As of April, 8th. 2015, the now 5-year old boy was accepted into the dual immersion program, which is a great accomplishment in itself. 

Has Greatly Helped me:  "I met Jose Estrada at El Grupo EPICO Meetup Group. Jose, our tutor, was very knowledgeable, patient, and flexible as we had people with very diverse Spanish learning backgrounds. He taught us didactic as well as conversational Spanish in a very relaxed way adding practice and games to help us learn. Jose's tutoring has greatly helped me in my quest to learn Spanish."

Eldridge P. 

Chatsworth, CA

Give His Spanish Lessons a Try: "I have attended Jose's group sessions, and he always kept the energy up so it was impossible to lose interest or drift away. Jose is knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and makes sure every student participates. Has a quite an array of teaching tools, games, improv, and more to sustain your interest. Dangerously good-looking, too!  Please give his Spanish classes a try."

Natalie H.
Los Angeles,

He Knows the Basis for Rapid Progress: "Mr. Estrada is an exceptional Spanish teacher. He knows the basis for rapid progress.  My previous employment with Berlitz as an ESL teacher taught me how important it is to start speaking a new language from the outset.  Thanks to him I was able speak with some people nearly exclusively in Spanish during a trip to Barcelona last December."

Bill P. 

North Hills, CA

His Methods Work: "I have been with Jose Estrada for over 2 years and can't rave enough about him. His teaching technique is clear, and he always provides examples that make connections clear whenever I have questions. Jose is a great teacher because he has a good grasp of the relationships between Spanish and English grammar. I definitely recommend Jose as a Spanish tutor for those interested in learning Spanish. His methods work."

Michelle S. 

Studio City, CA 

Fun, Energetic, and Organized Lesson Plan: "I have been very fortunate to have found Jose, during the span of the last 6 months, my Spanish has improved considerably.  I have always found his classes very enjoyable because he is first and far most a very hard-working teacher, but besides that Jose also brings a very fun, energetic, and organized lesson plan every day."

Michael B.

Los Angeles, CA 

Sense of Humor: "José is an excellent instructor, making learning Spanish fun.  His written material helped me to clarify Spanish grammar and visualize verb endings. His teaching technique is creative, using games and improvisation to teach conversation. José is patient with his students, shows a sense of humor, and suggests opportunities for additional learning outside the classroom."

Marcia I. 

Los Angeles, CA 

Loves Teaching: "Jose Estrada is a great Spanish teacher/tutor and a very personable human being. He is knowledgeable, patient, and loves teaching. He makes the lessons interesting and fun, and always goes the extra mile. He is very flexible and is willing to work around my schedule. Jose always provides me with material and criteria to meet my specific needs."

Dianne B.

Studio City, CA 

​​A Very Patient Instructor: "Jose is a very patient instructor and has provided many teaching techniques, including a personal CD.  My schedule changes from week to week and his flexibility allows me to study one on one at my convenience. Thank you Jose, for you encouragement and sharing your knowledge in such a supportive way."
Sandra C.
Los Angeles, CA 

Incredible Educator: "Jose put a lot of thought into combining enriching activities - reading aloud, vocabulary, writing, discussion, and an "improv" game - but he made it seem effortless. I really appreciated the positive reinforcement that Jose gave to all the members of the group - made me feel so cozy and validated! Jose is an incredible educator and he is really going places, so take advantage of the low cost before he is off giving expensive seminars!"


Los Angeles, CA 

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