Practice Spanish Regularly – It Can Help your Career

Why Should You Practice Spanish

When you practice Spanish in your household, there are numerous long term benefits to be had but there’s one major benefit in particular that receives an extra tremendous boost:  Your professional future. Employers from all types of industries value bilingual employees for their versatility and intelligence, and Spanish is one of the most in-demand languages around. As of 2017, there are over 440 million people who speak Spanish as a first language, globally making it the second most spoken language in the world. That’s a lot of new people to talk to and there are a lot of industries that may need your skills. With all this in mind, here are a few ways that regularly speaking Spanish can help you as a professional.

Standing out from the Crowd

When employers are looking for someone to add to the team, having a bilingual background shows that a prospective candidate is intelligent and can be a valuable resource for the company. Those that practice Spanish do particularly well in the matters of international business, retail, and manufacturing. Recruiters in particular value those capable of speaking another language as many resumes can look the same when geared toward specific industries, having Spanish as a skill set is a good way to make that resume rise above the rest. Being a Spanish speaker increases your marketability tremendously and will get your foot in the door if you can deliver.

Building Relationships

Between clients and coworkers, you may find moments where your Spanish skills can help bridge gaps that those without such skills are unable to handle. With this comes the opportunity to become the go-to in the work space for specific needs and the ability to create closer bonds with those who rely on you for communication. Building this trust is paramount in ensuring future success, and you may find yourself being relied upon for other important tasks. People rely on language everyday and trusting someone else to represent you and your message is a big step for many. Those that practice Spanish have a significant amount of people in the world that need their help. If done well, trust and appreciation are natural results that can build a solid professional relationship.

International Appeal

Have you ever wanted to travel but are so busy working and maintaining your life that you just don’t have the time or resources to make it happen? If you practice Spanish, you may have the opportunity to combine both work and travel to make that dream a reality. Spanish speakers are incredibly valuable in the global market. Regular practice and the ability to adapt to different cultures is seen as a major resource when looking for a global employee. You will have to learn to get around, talk to the locals and immerse yourself in the lifestyle and culture of the communities and projects that need your skills. Learning how other cultures operate is also great for your own education and understanding of the world. This becomes an opportunity to see more of the world and help others in the process.

Bilingual employees are invaluable to a company. These employees typically are more creative, better at multitasking and can help with situations that others can’t. When your employer is looking to promote, the Spanish speaker who has provided services beyond the normal tasks of the job has an edge over those without that ability. We recommend you practice Spanish, master the language, build relationships and see where it takes you. There’s almost half a billion native speakers alone and if you play it just right, you may be able to see much more beyond your corner of the world.

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June 26, 2018

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